Facts, Answers, & Questions

What pets do you transport?

WorldCare Pet Transport specializes in the movement of family pets such as, dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, fish, rabbits, reptiles and more! WorldCare cannot assist with international moves involving birds or reptiles.

Can you Ground Transport My Pets?

Of course! Ask us about our special Concierge Pet Program where your pet(s) receive one-on-one personal attention during the drive and our Concierge Pet Counselor will stay at pet friendly hotels along the way. First class service from origin to destination!

What Countries Do You Service?

We move furry family members to and from any country in the world!

How much do you charge to ship my pet?

Each move is unique and costs can vary significantly from move to move. Please head to our ‘How Pricing Works‘ page where you can find more information on pricing. You can also ‘Get A Quote‘!

Do you sell puppies?

NO. We do NOT sell any animals. Please refer to our “Scam Alert” page to learn more.

I want to bring my pet on vacation with me. Can you help me?

In most instances, individuals traveling with their pets can deal directly with the passenger division of the commercial airline and the animal can travel as checked baggage. In all other situations where the animal is not permitted as checked baggage (most international travel). we would be more than delighted to assist you and your pet!

Can I get a complete estimate at no charge?

Upon receipt of your pet and travel information, we’ll provide you with a preliminary estimate at no charge. Please note that this estimate will be based on past experiences and may be adjusted as we work on your pet’s specific logistical needs.

How much advance notice do you need?

The minimum time required to plan and process your pet’s move is usually one week for domestic travel and 3-6 weeks for international travel. Be aware that there are often weather restrictions in effect that must be taken into consideration and may mean that the desired travel schedule for your pet will need to be modified.

What type of travel kennel will I need?

We can provide approved flight carriers of all sizes, and can furnish custom- built kennels when needed. Flight kennels must be ventilated on all four sides and have room for your pet to stand without touching its head. Your pet must also be able to turn around. The carrier must have a leak proof bottom, with food and water bowls accessible from the outside. Please refer to our ” The Basics of Pet Travel ” page for more helpful information!

Are health certificates needed for my pet?

We will help take care of all import and export paperwork. A health certificate is always needed for your pet to travel both domestically and internationally.

Can my pet travel with toys in their crate?

No. Pet toys are considered chocking hazards therefore pets are not allowed to have toys or chew bones while on the plane. We recommend that you put an old t-shirt, towel, or cloth that smells like home to help comfort your pet.

Can I sedate my pet before flying?

NO! Sedating your pet during air travel may increase the risk of respiratory and heart problems. A veterinarian should not provide you with sedatives for you pet that is traveling and it is banned.

Where does my pet fly on the plane?

Your pet will fly in a specialized pet cargo hold area of the plane. This area is normally located below the pilots and it is temperature controlled, pressurized, and dimly lit, just like our area.